Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is the Office

Some pictures of the office. Space is pretty tight. 4 engineers per row, 4 rows of 16 engineers sit cozily in this small corner. The management sit in their rooms.





We lose electricity a couple of times per day but all computers come with UPS. The question is how long will your UPS power your machine when the powers off. Although each UPS has a sticker stating 15 minutes worth of backup battery, mine died within 5 minutes.


Khalid said...

What is the ratio of local to expat engineers there? Love reading your bolg. Keep it up. Pity the internet connection very slow.

Think & Create said...

The ratio between expat and locals is about the same, 15 each at the moment. Maybe one or two more locals.

Internet in the office is okay. It's slow in the hotel.

Aziz.Adam said...

Ken..nice office space..why this type arrangement not implemented during past exam at secondary school...hehehe....keep it write on ur blog...


Roger said...

Hey Kenneth, hope all is well down there. The office looks really cramp! Sure not in a porter cabin? LOL

Think & Create said...

Well, we like being close together here in Lagos.

Yes, the office is quite small. Every discipline sits together. I'm part of the UFR (Umbilicals, Flowlines and Risers) team, specifically the Flowlines. The Umbilicals and Riser design teams are made up of very experienced people. In fact, everyone here are so much more experienced than I am. I am a little, fluffy fish in a large lake where giant fishes roam.