Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I should be lucky I have a job. While having dinner alone in the hotel diner, I saw Richard Quest host his show Quest Means Business and he showed the lives of two people in the USA who lost their jobs. One was unemployed for 2 months while the other was out of a job for 8 months now. And life isnt getting any better for them. Ouch. In the current economic times, those of us who have jobs to do, should do them well, complain less and be grateful that we're employed. And its not because we're skilled that we have jobs. There are others out there who are even more skilled than we are but unemployed. Timing plays a big part. You could be one of them. So never look down on the jobless, their just like you and me. Help them out when you can. Remember Lion King and the Circle of Life - you and I are all part of the Big Circle of Life - dont forget it. Samir, if you're reading this, thanks for my job.

On another note, I watched Liverpool struggle to beat Leeds United 1-0. Leeds United is three divisions down the English league but at times looked like they were the Premier League team and not their opponent. Without Steven Gerrard, Liverpool looked a pale comparison of themselves, a real let down. It's no wonder Manchester United will win the league again this year and become the most successful team in England, surpassing the only history that Liverpool had all these years.

Skills make all the difference. No matter how good of a personality you have, its not going to help you if you cant do a decent job. No amount of positive thinking can substitute hard work and skills. You can only bluff you way through life to a certain extent. After that, people will know what you're really made off. So keep studying, reading and thinking. Polish your skills daily. Sharpen your mind. Persevere and never give up.

Tomorrow the traffic will be back to normal. Cars clogged along the highway to Victoria Island. Commute time to and from work will be around 45 minutes. Good time to catch up on some reading. It's so relaxing not driving to work. I dont feel so drained when reaching work, as I do in KL when I drive on my own.

Got another visit to the hospital tomorrow. Just to double check that I am all okay.

Good night.

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