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Mystickal Incense

Mystickal Incense

Mystickal Incense is a wonderfully designed, purple and blue website that delves into a lot of things women would be interested in. The brainchild of Stephanie Davies, Mystickal Incense also offers hand-made incense, candles, bath & body products, and other items sold at Mystickal Incense.

Stephanie reviews blogs, has wonderful contests (Spooky Girl), Photo of the Day, Rant Day, among others. Do give this site a visit if you need to brighten up your day. It's a cheerful site to be in.

The Secret Of Happiness

The Secret Of Happiness
- Joseph J. Mazzella

There once was a very wealthy and successful man. He had more money than he could ever spend and he was admired and looked up to by his community. Still, he knew that something was missing in his life. He wasn't happy. All his life he had pursued happiness and strived for happiness but had never been able to find it.

Then one day he heard about a hidden temple in Nepal that had a special room that contained the secret to happiness. He immediately sold all that he owned and set out to find this hidden temple. After many years of searching and countless hardships he arrived there. He was weary and pennyless, but he knew that none of that mattered now that he had found the temple. He asked a wise, smiling monk if he could enter the special room. The monk agreed and showed him the stairs leading to the room. He climbed them with legs shaking with anticipation and slowly opened the door. He stared into the room with sunlight streaming through the window and saw what he had come so far to find. There hanging on the wall was the secret of happiness. The man gazed at his reflection in the mirror and laughed.

It is time that we all realized that we are the secret to our own happiness. Happiness is a choice that we make within. God loves us and gives each one of us the ability to fill our lives with love, joy, peace, happiness, and oneness with Him We need only choose to do so moment by moment and day by day. It doesn't matter what our outer circumstances are either, because the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Don't spend the rest of your life searching the world for happiness then. Just look in the mirror and laugh. Just let the happiness flow from your heart, mind, and soul until it fills your life and the lives of all those around you.

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Fowler rejoins Liverpool on free transfer - World Soccer - Yahoo! Sports

Fowler rejoins Liverpool on free transfer

By Jeremy Butler

LIVERPOOL, England Jan 27 (Reuters) - Striker Robbie Fowler has rejoined Liverpool on a free transfer until the end of the season from Manchester City.

The 30-year-old, who scored 171 goals in 330 games during eight years at Anfield, was nicknamed 'God' during his time at Liverpool and is still a firm favourite with the fans.

"Honest to God, I'm so happy it's frightening. I'm just so chuffed..." Fowler told Liverpool's website on Friday.

Fowler first made his mark at Liverpool in 1993 and soon became one of the best strikers in Europe. He was acclaimed as being among England's most natural goalscorers and won 26 caps for his country, scoring seven goals.

But he had a difficult relationship with former Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier. In his autobiography Fowler claims he was forced to leave because of his treatment by the Frenchman.

"Obviously, since I have left, deep down I have always wanted to come back and it has been a long time but I'm glad to say I'm back now," added Fowler.

Current Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez believes Fowler can help his in-form team improve as the European champions bid to retain their crown and chase Chelsea in the Premier League.

"My idea is for Liverpool to take one step forward and I think Robbie can help us make that step," the Spaniard told the Merseyside club's website on Friday.

"We have signed a player with so much passion for this football club and I think he will act as an example to every player here in how much he loves Liverpool.

"It is a boost for the team, a boost for the supporters and a boost for Robbie himself. I'm not sure I've ever seen a player quite so happy to be joining a club before."


Fowler left Liverpool to join Leeds United for 11 million pounds ($19.57 million) in November 2001 but was sold in January 2003 as Leeds tried to solve their debt crisis.

He has struggled to find his best form since his departure from Anfield and has had an unhappy time at City where he had to be talked out of retiring from the game.

Fowler made an impressive return to the first team this month with a hat-trick in the FA Cup win over Scunthorpe and another goal in the 3-1 derby win over Manchester United.

But once Liverpool came calling Toxteth-born Fowler, who scored 27 goals in 75 games for City, was delighted to move.

"Liverpool are his dream club and he wanted to leave and rejoin them," City manager Stuart Pearce told the Manchester club's website on Friday.

"If I refused him this opportunity of fulfilling his ambition it would not be good for him or Manchester City Football Club."

After a career recently blighted by injury Fowler has had his biggest wish granted but Benitez insists he has not signed the veteran striker to Anfield for sentimental reasons.

"He hasn't been signed because he loves the club, he's been signed because he's one of the best goalscorers ever to play in the Premiership and he can score goals for us right now.

"He's got a wealth of experience and he gives us more attacking options. He's a different kind of striker to what we have at the club and that is good for the team."

Fowler is ineligible for Sunday's FA Cup tie at Portsmouth but could make an emotional return in front of the Kop against Birmingham City in the Premier League on Wednesday.

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Malaysian Flavoured Jokes

Girl : Do you love me ?

Boy : Yes Dear
Girl : Would you die for me ?
Boy : No, mine is undying love
1st thief : Oh ! The police is here. Quick! Jump out of the
2nd thief : But this is the 13th floor.
1st thief : Hurry! this is no time for superstitions.
Man : How old is your father ?
Boy : As old as me
Man : How can that be ?
Boy : He became a father only when I was born
Waiter : I've stewed liver, boiled tongue and frog's leg.
Customer : Don't tell me your problems. Give me the menu card.
Teacher: Desmond, your composition on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's. Did u copy his?
Desmond: No, teacher, it's the same dog!
Father: Your teacher says she finds it impossible to teach you
Son : That's why I say she's no good!
Manager : Sorry, but I can't give u a job. I don't need much
Job Applicant: That's all right. In fact, I'm just the right person in this case. You see, I won't be of much help anyway!
Teacher: "How do u think Shakespeare wrote such masterpieces?"
College student: "With a pencil, maam, either a 2B or not 2B."
"Mum, teacher was asking me today if I have any brothers or
sisters who will be coming to school."
"That's nice of her to take such an interest, dear.
What did she say when u told her u are the only child?"
"She just said, 'Thank goodness!'"
Teacher: "Where were u born?"
Student: "Singapore, Sir."
Teacher: "Which part?"
Student: "All of me, Sir."
Teacher: "Chong, u missed school last Friday."
Chong : "You're wrong, Sir."
Teacher: "Wrong, how is that?"
Chong : "I was absent, yes but I certainly didn't miss it!"
A teacher was asking her class:
"What is the difference between 'unlawful' and 'illegal'?" Only
one hand shot up.
"Ok, answer, Joan," said the teacher. "'unlawful' is when u do
something the law doesn't allow and 'illegal is a sick eagle."
Doctor : I have some bad news and some very bad news.
Patient : Well, might as well give me the bad news first.
Doctor : The lab called with your test results. They said you
have 24 hours to live.
Patient : 24 hours! That's terrible!! What could be worse?
What's the very bad news?
Doctor : I've been trying to reach you since yesterday.
Patient : I'm in a hospital! Why am I in here?
Doctor : You've had an accident involving a train.
Patient : What happened?
Doctor : Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. Which  would you like to hear first?
Patient : Well... The bad news first ...
Doctor : Your legs were injured so badly that we had to amputate  both of them.
Patient : That's terrible! What's the good news?
Doctor: There's a guy in the next ward who made a very good
offer on your slippers.
Patient : How much to have this tooth pulled?
Dentist : -90.00.
Patient : -90.00 for just a few minutes work???
Dentist : I can extract it very slowly if you like.
Teacher : "How come you do not comb your hair?"
Ah Kow : "No comb, Sir."
Teacher : "Use your dad's then."
Ah Kow : "No hair, Sir."
A boy came home from school with his exam results.
"What did u get?" asked his father.
"My marks are under water," said the boy.
"What do u mean 'under water'?" "They are all below 'C' level

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Alone in this World

Alone in this World, originally uploaded by Fabio Cherman.

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Free Photo's ??

Take a look at this funny little snippet :

Free Software : IrfanView Picture Viewer

Irfanview Picture Viewer

If you ever wanted an excellent but affordable picture (and moview) viewer, then IrfanView is the one to get.

IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.

It is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.

IrfanView was the first Windows graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support. One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIF support.
The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support.

Some IrfanView features:
  • Many supported file formats (click here the list of formats)
  • Multi language support
  • Thumbnail/preview option
  • Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD)
  • Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc.
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters
  • Fast directory view (moving through directory)
  • Batch conversion (with image processing)
  • Multipage TIF editing
  • Email option
  • Multimedia player
  • Print option
  • Change color depth
  • Scan (batch scan) support
  • Cut/crop
  • IPTC editing
  • Effects (Sharpen, Blur, Adobe 8BF, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, etc.)
  • Capturing
  • Extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs
  • Lossless JPG rotation
  • Many hotkeys
  • Many command line options
  • Many PlugIns
  • Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware messages like "I Agree" or "Evaluation expired"
  • No registry changes without user action/permission!
  • and many more

Online Merchants for Malaysian Businesses

If you're an online merchant from Asian countries, especially Malaysia, you will notice very quickly that sites like Paypal and Clickbank doesnt welcome your business. I have an account with Paypal but its very limited. I did ask them why I cant withdraw funds to my account in Malaysia, they just said, "Sorry, we dont cover Malaysia".

So where do you go if you want to set up a merchant account. Try

Signing up was easy. To setup your mechant account, just send them an email, to which they will reply quite quickly, telling them about your site and provide them with the URL of your website. fast and easy.

I also found another merchant, Stormpay, which also accepts Malaysian users.

StormPay is an online payment system, which allows anyone with an email address to send or receive payments. StormPay's system is very much like an online checking account. The account can be used to send or receive funds for online purchases or charity donations, etc. You or your customers can deposit funds into your StormPay account via credit card, online check, or Money Orders.

So Malaysians, dont fret about not having access to Paypal or Clickbank. Use or

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The Independent 22 January 2006

Whisper it, at least within hearing of Sir Alex Ferguson, but the wheel of football fortune that spins between the two great cities of North-west England might just be turning again.

For an extraordinarily extended period between 1969 and 1991 Manchester United did not once manage to finish above Liverpool in the old Football League. That run encompassed the first five seasons after Ferguson's arrival from Aberdeen on a mission, he recalled on Friday, to resurrect Mancunian supremacy. Slowly he did so, and since 1992 the boot has regularly been on the other foot: only once in the past 14 years have Liverpool had the best of it, in terms of League position.

Last May, of course, finishing fifth to United's third place, almost 20 points behind, was rendered academic to their followers by the astounding events of That Night In Istanbul, which means that the triumphalist banners at Old Trafford's away end when the teams meet again this afternoon will be decorated with five European Cups.

Robbie Fowler - you can take the scally out of Liverpool, but not Liverpool out of the scally - was making the same point when he held up five fingers to United supporters after scoring for Manchester City against them last weekend. And waving images of the big-eared trophy around today will also serve to remind the locals that only one of the two clubs are still in this season's Champions' League.

Now the question is whether that wheel is ready to settle at the western end of the East Lancs Road once more. There is no doubt about which way it has been moving these past few months. Towards the end of October, an abject 2-0 defeat by Fulham left Rafael Benitez furious and publicly criticising an "attitude problem". His team had won two Premiership games all season, were 13th in the table and about to go out of the Carling Cup to Crystal Palace. "Benitez bid to create Anfield dynasty in danger of collapse", read one of the kinder headlines.

Yet since then they have been unbeatable, winning 11 League games and drawing the other, as well as topping their Champions' League group. What was once a seven-point deficit on United has been cut to a single one, so that victory this afternoon would carry them into second place, still with two games in hand on their rivals.

In the next month they will catch up with those two matches, away to Charlton (8 February, FA Cup replays permitting) and at home to Arsenal (14 February). There is also the little matter of a visit to Chelsea, for which today's encounter may be considered useful preparation, and a resumption of European competition against Benfica.

But try catching Benitez even contemplating more than one match at a time. "We have a difficult month with a lot of important games, and we'll see if the squad and the team are good enough," was as far as he would go. "I'm not thinking ahead of United, I just want to see my team improve every day."

Individuals are doing so and helping team-strength in consequence, none more so than the once reviled Harry Kewell, whose spectacular goal against Tottenham last week shocked those supporters who had booed him off the pitch in Istanbul and justified the manager's gentle touch with him. "Last season I was thinking how to do it [handle him]," Benitez said. "Sometimes you put a player under pressure and sometimes you support him. I tried to support him. To score a goal like that in front of the Kop is very good for us and for him. Now he is confident and happy; you can see him in every training session trying things he wouldn't before."

For all the likeable Spaniard's occasional histrionics on the touchline, it is easy to accept that putting an arm round a player comes more naturally to him than bawling one out. More animated he may be than Sphinx-Goran Eriksson, but his philosophy of football is essentially cerebral: "You know you must be calm, you can't play only with passion. I try to analyse calmly before, during and after a game. You need to play with your heart but also your brain."

Not since his time in charge of Real Madrid's Under-19s can Benitez remember kicking anything in the dressing room. His opposite number at Manchester United did not even manage to count as far as two before abusing the referee at half-time last week, though he has always got on well with Liverpool's managers and is pleasantly surprised at how (comparatively) decorous matches between the clubs have been. "When I first came down here they were quite meaty games then, with people like Norman Whiteside and Steve McMahon playing," Ferguson said. "The amazing thing to my mind is that since the Premiership started, I can't think of a game that's really got out of hand. It's always the game I look forward to the most. It reflects my reason for being here. I knew what I had to do when I came here. The challenge was Liverpool and we did it. For me it's got a special significance."

Like Benitez, he is well up on the history of his club: "For a few years they had the upper hand and for a few years we did. Last time the 0-0 draw [at Anfield in September] broke a sequence of wins against them. But every club has cycles. Liverpool's spell in the 70s and early 80s was phenomenal and we've had a phenomenal spell ourselves. It does go in cycles that way. It's 16 years since they won the League and we went 26 years."

Hence the importance to United - who, like Liverpool, are not going to be champions of England this season - of the two midweek matches bookending today's meeting. Four days ago they strolled to victory at the second attempt against Burton Albion in the FA Cup with a young side augmented by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who may yet earn a new contract at 33 after knee injuries had threatened his career. This Wednesday there will be no liberties like Rio Ferdinand ambling around in midfield or Louis Saha casually frittering away chances when Blackburn Rovers arrive for the second leg of the Carling Cup semi-final.

It may only be the unfashionable old League Cup, the Alan Hardaker Memorial Bauble. But it is a trophy. "There's tremendous pressure on Liverpool and ourselves when you don't win trophies," Ferguson admitted, 20 months on from his last one. Now the wheel is spinning again. And, as Dylan put it more than 40 years ago, around the time Bill Shankly was gearing up the Anfield Reds, there's no telling who it is naming.



This year, why not try something different? Instead of setting New Year's resolutions that fade into the background by Chinese New Year, set some real goals that stick.

For starters, figure out what you really want. If you want to quit smoking, why? What is it that you are seeking to gain? Do you want to improve your health? Gain acceptance from non-smoking friends and family? Change your image? If you can figure out exactly what you want, you'll be far more likely to actually get it.

Next, spend some time clearly defining what you want by when. Really get into what it will be like to have accomplished it. If you want to get rid of some fat, dig up old pictures of yourself from when you were slimmer. If you want a new car, go test drive it. If you want to stop smoking, picture your friends patting you on the back and congratulating you for your achievement of mind over matter.

The third step is to create a plan of action. Your plan doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to list all the little steps you must take to get from here to there, preferably in the order in which they must be done. By breaking your goal into smaller, more manageable steps, it will be easier to accomplish and you will be able to make steady forward progress.

Finally, take some action every day, no matter how small. Consistent daily action will ensure that you achieve your goal in no time.

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karate chop

karate chop, originally uploaded by * Colleen *.


Woo!, originally uploaded by dreadfuldan.

Excitable people in the front row to see The Cops at Come Together on Saturday.

, originally uploaded by whileseated.


Airstream, originally uploaded by prawnpie.

around Big Sur, California, the driver was up in his truck shooting the shit with a cop who was also pulled into the overlook.


2021, originally uploaded by notraces.


Twister!, originally uploaded by zve8.

RAs Playing Twister at the local roller rink... Unfortunately they wouldn't let us play on our skates and the next time we went they had repainted the floor.

Sam, Sam, the Gorilla Man

Sam, Sam, the Gorilla Man, originally uploaded by BohPhoto.

Every day, from 9-5, Sam stands outside a mattress store on Market Street in downtown Akron, OH, holding a sign that reads, "Will work for bananas." Passers-by honk their horns as Sam waves and dances in the middle of the sidewalk. He's very friendly, I promise. December 2005


Speeding, originally uploaded by WayneMethod.

Bus Graveyard

Bus Graveyard, originally uploaded by shadowplay.

Flying reindeer

Flying reindeer, originally uploaded by santheo.


100-2877_1, originally uploaded by keaggy.

Diane at Johnson's Shut-Ins, near Lesterville, Missouri, USA. The Shut-Ins is an incredibly unique swimming hole formed from the waters of the Black River. More:

flower break

flower break, originally uploaded by cyrenaic.

here is a look from the street. I took this during a little break. We have lots of plants that flower, which led to nice little streams of color flowing into the gutters.

sufi dancer in cairo

sufi dancer in cairo, originally uploaded by romsrini.

HowBenítez built Liverpool

How Benítez built Liverpool

The side that plays Manchester United tomorrow bears the mark of a manager who has figured out the English game

Kevin McCarra
Saturday January 21, 2006
The Guardian

Tomorrow brings a landmark anniversary for Rafael Benítez but it is not of the sort he will have marked up on his kitchen calendar. On January 22 2005 Liverpool were beaten 2-0 by Southampton, who had few other distractions of that sort as they homed in on bottom spot in the Premiership. The third defeat in a week cracked the manager's defences and there was a dam-burst of condemnation over all his doings on Merseyside.

It was unthinkable then that he would be held in such esteem as he prepares for tomorrow's away match with Manchester United. That defeat to Southampton was pored over and Alan Hansen wrote that the first-half display was "the worst I've seen in the 14 years since I left the club". The former captain decried Benítez's penchant for signing his fellow Spaniards and declared that Liverpool "are not going to win the Champions League".

Jeers for Hansen have to be stifled because every piece of opinionated punditry creates another batch of hostages to fortune and, above all, his views were shared by most people on the football scene. Liverpool overhauled a 3-0 deficit in the European Cup final but they have had to sustain the transformation in order to enjoy their current standing. With their all-round strength and consistency they will continue to be treated as the best-equipped team to keep pace with Chelsea in the years ahead, whatever the outcome against Manchester United tomorrow.

Liverpool's progress owes a little to signings and other alterations to the line-up. During the misery at St Mary's, Jamie Carragher played at right-back because the old and slow Mauricio Pellegrino was in central defence. There is no longer bed-blocking of that kind in the side. None the less, the more influential changes have occurred within Benítez himself, who has become far more flexible in his reaction to the idiosyncrasies of the Premiership.

The career of the Wales manager John Toshack includes two spells in charge of Real Madrid and three at Real Sociedad, giving him an appreciation of how odd English football looks to a Spaniard such as Benítez. "Everyone gets railroaded into 4-4-2 because if you don't play that way they call you negative," said the former Liverpool striker, conscious that such systems are somewhat alien to the Anfield manager. "There is no doubt that Rafa has adjusted, because he never used two outright strikers at Valencia."

In the defeat at Southampton and another by the same margin at Birmingham Benítez employed Fernando Morientes up front, with Milan Baros drifting deeper and wider until he reached vanishing point. At the moment Liverpool, when taking on palpably weaker teams, utilise the more assertive threat of Morientes and Peter Crouch, who made a painful impression on Benítez with his goal at St Mary's a year ago. "Against sides from the mid-table downwards he will have decided that he can afford to take more of a chance with his tactics," said Toshack.

The balance to be struck between caution and aggression is one that preoccupies every manager. Benítez would identify with the thinking of one of his Anfield predecessors, even if the idiom would not come so naturally to him. "Bill Shankly," recalls Toshack, "used to say: 'A football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing.'" Benítez has always been aware that a certain huskiness is essential and the acquisition of Mohamed Sissoko added an athleticism to the destructive work of the Liverpool midfield, although the Mali international, who turns 21 tomorrow, still tends to be indiscriminate on occasion in the passes and tackles he attempts to make.

Benítez has always been very pragmatic and if he lets his men off the leash it will be because the method is logical. With Liverpool 3-1 down at Luton he swiftly converted to a devil-may-care 4-2-4 formation which overwhelmed Mike Newell's team. The switch was born of calculation, not romance, and even as a boy he was obsessively analytical in his addiction to a military board game called Stratego.

The lack of a career as a professional player meant that he had no prior status to draw upon in management and that must have deepened his conservatism. He could not afford to take risks. "He was the youth coach at Real Madrid when I was the manager there," said Toshack. "He has had to struggle through the ranks in Spain and he was a surprise appointment at Valencia."

Benítez won two Liga titles while at the Mestalla, as well as a Uefa Cup, and depended on a robust 4-2-3-1 formation. Though Toshack's Real Sociedad side beat them in the 2001-02 championship the Welshman recalls the formidable cragginess of Valencia. "It was as if you had to be in your 30s to play in their back four," he said, "and no one could get at the defence easily because of David Albelda and Rubén Baraja. Then they would counter-attack through Pablo Aimar."

Toshack is sure Benítez's approach is essential for success at the higher levels and he has England's generally dismal record in European football over the past 20 years to bear out his argument. "You can't play 4-4-2 against Juventus, Chelsea and Milan," he says of the clubs defeated by Liverpool last season. "If you do you will get outnumbered and cut up in midfield."

The secret of Benítez's progress lies not in any radical overhaul but in the small calibrations he has made to ensure that Liverpool are bolder against the teams they should dominate. Last season, while being unduly cerebral, they could be bullied in away fixtures where they had neglected to seize the initiative. At present, on the other hand, they are unbeaten in 13 games in all domestic competitions.

The tailoring of the tactics for specific, relatively minor occasions does not mean Benítez's principles have altered. "You won't see him using Steven Gerrard as a holding player beside Xabi Alonso because it's just not in his instinct to cover that area," said the Wales manager. As Toshack indicates, there are security measures further forward in the 4-2-3-1 structure.

"One of those three men will not really be an attacker by nature," he argues. "For example, John Arne Riise is quite often the player on the left and he is more of a full-back who will help to provide cover on that side." Just before the third of four unsuccessful attempts by a goalless Chelsea to defeat Liverpool in the Champions League, Jose Mourinho commented that his opponents "do not play with an open heart". Coming from such an arch-realist that must have sounded like a handsome compliment to Benítez.

"Why not stay 20 years here?" the Spaniard said cheerily yesterday. Why not indeed when he already has a team built to last.

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forpressfound, Sunday, December 18, 2005 - 11:33

FPF - Dec. 18th - 2005 - In an interview yesterday with british TV anchor David Frost, the former american Secretary of State Colin Powell said that quite some so called 'leaders' of European Union countries were lying through their teeth when denying the illegal waves of US torture flights a.k.a. 'renditions' that have plagued the world for years. In diplomacy 'a frank and open conversation' means: 'they fought but did not use arms'. And the by the propagandists of the BBC used word 'disingenuous' means: 'false and hypocritical'.*- And that's exactly what they every day prove to be.

'President' Chirac in France, the despicable and corrupt Berlusconi in Italy, the likwise corrupt Barosso of the EU, the worst traitor and foremost british criminal among the European US stooges: Phony Tony Blair, the hypocritical Schroeder and now Merkel in Germany - which operates huge US bases - like the Quislings of The Netherlands do with 'christian killer' JP Balkenende: all those overdressed liars have known and condoned the hundreds of inhumane rendition flights and the torture for years. Breaching all by them signed conventions concerning human rights.

Powell - who is one of the foremost war criminals himself should know, and clearly states in his TV conversation with Frost that all those liars on toplevel in the EU accepted the illegality of the Americans and their flying Gestapo, which have stooped so low that they have been dragging all others in the gutter for war criminals too.


The agreements concerning the European governments and many of the by the US 'run' NATO and UN covered 'war missions' are kept secret: people in the EU countries do not even know how much of their tax-billions are spent on the illegal genocides which they are forced to pay for. It's only the propaganda by the media the warmongers own and blind, cowardly propagandists (not journalists) that this is made possible: never before - not even by Hitler with Propaganda Meister Goebbels - were so many people brainwashed and 'zombied'. Their media and media-people have made all the genocides possible, and hopefully all collaborators in warcrimes will soon be punished, before they succeed in another disaster, the nuclear war with Iran. - []


Yesterday the BBC wrote: "Ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell has indicated that Europeans are being disingenuous* when they deny knowledge of the rendition of terror suspects. Mr Powell said the recently highlighted practice of moving people to places where they are not covered by US law was neither "new or unknown" to Europe. A number of countries where flights allegedly stopped have said they were unaware of their land being used. (?)

Talking to the BBC wrote Mr Powell also described his difficulties over Iraq. In an interview with Sir David Frost for the BBC World TV channel, he described his disappointment with the failings of US intelligence on Iraq, and his arguments with Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over the campaign.


He was speaking after his successor, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, faced tough questioning about the use of rendition during a recent trip to Europe. She admitted that terror suspects were flown abroad for interrogation, but said this was "a lawful weapon", and denied the prisoners were tortured.


She refused to address claims that the CIA runs secret prisons abroad where suspects are interrogated without reference to international law. But Gen Powell was dismissive of the furore in Europe. "There's a little bit of the movie Casablanca in this, where, you know, the inspector says 'I'm shocked, shocked that this kind of thing takes place'.


The fact that we have, over the years, had procedures in place that would deal with people who are responsible for terrorist activities, or suspected of terrorist activities, and so the thing that is called rendition is not something that is new or unknown to my European friends."
[HR: 'Global Terror by Secret US Death Squads' -]


He accepted that Washington's moral authority was under pressure at the moment. "The United States is going through a period right now where public opinion world-wide is against us. "I think that's a function of some of the policies we have followed in recent years with respect to Iraq and in not solving the Middle East's problem and perhaps the way in which we have communicated our views to the rest of the world, we have created an impression that we are unilateralist, we don't care what the rest of the world thinks. "I don't think it's a fair impression"

Questioned on the evidence held up by the US as proof that Iraq had a weapons of mass destruction programme, he said: "I was deeply disappointed in what the intelligence community had presented to me and to the rest of us, and what really upset me more than anything else was that there were people in the intelligence community that had doubts about some of this sourcing, but those doubts never surfaced up to us." [ ]


Asked about post-war planning for Iraq, Gen Powell said his state department staff drew up detailed plans, but they were discarded by Mr Rumsfeld's defence department, which was backed by the White House. "Mr Rumsfeld and I had some serious discussions, of a not pleasant kind, about the use of individuals who could bring expertise to the issue. And it ultimately went into the White House, and the rest is well known."

[andend - BBC]

It speaks for itself that anybody considering her- or himself a 'journalist' in the real sense of the word, would NEVER EVER accept a medal, a title or similar from war- and/or other criminals. If the ususally criminal government makes such an offer, it only confirms that the journalist in question has not done it's job properly.

Story from BBC NEWS - Url.:

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Fear Nothing : Embracing the Age of Information

Embracing Technology : Do you fear that you're too old to learn it? Scared that everyone around you knows about it and you feel intimated?

Dont be. I know, I know. Everyone you meet says the same thing. Well, if you're reading this, you have the added advantage of learning so many things about technology without other people knowing about. Slowly, but surely, you become good in technology. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Just spend some time learning and reflecting on what you have learned. After learing something, immediately think of where you can apply it, this reinforced what you have just learned.

Do not be afraid. The world is filled with technology. Dont run away from it, embrace it.

Where do you start? Try this website : Embracing the Age of Information. Click on the workshops on the upper left corner. The workshops cover topics like Introduction to Computers, Email, Internet, Protecting Your PC, E-Commerce, Basics of Blogging and so forth.

Make a start today!

Pictures of The Year 2005


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Heart to Heart: What goes around

Heart to Heart: What goes around

Children are so pure and receptive. They dont undertand but they observe.

Read the story above, you'll know why.


US, Russia & Applied Maths!

There was a discussion some time back about creating a pen to write in space between the US and Russia. After a while, and after spending a few millions of dollars, the US came up with a brilliant pen, while the Russians used a pencil -- solved the problem a few million dollars cheaper.

I have finally discovered why the US went to so much trouble to design the pen. It stems from how they were thought 1+1 = 2 in school.

Read this powerpoint and you will understand why : Intro to Applied Maths


Clinton Says House Run Like 'Plantation' - Yahoo! News

Clinton Says House Run Like 'Plantation' - Yahoo! News

NEW YORK - Sen. Hillary Clinton on Monday blasted the Bush administration as "one of the worst" in U.S. history and compared the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to a plantation where dissenting voices are squelched.

Speaking during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event, Clinton also offered an apology to a group of Hurricane Katrina survivors "on behalf of a government that left you behind, that turned its back on you." Her remarks were met with thunderous applause by a mostly black audience at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem.

The House "has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about," said Clinton, D-N.Y. "It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard."

"We have a culture of corruption, we have cronyism, we have incompetence," she said. "I predict to you that this administration will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever governed our country."

A spokeswoman for the White House declined to comment and referred questions to the Republican National Committee

RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt said: "On a day when Americans are focused on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Hillary Clinton is focused on the legacy of Hillary Clinton."


myWorld, originally uploaded by `niimo.

Polar Express

Polar Express, originally uploaded by *B.G. Lewandowski*.

Polar Express

Polar Express, originally uploaded by *B.G. Lewandowski*.


Tangier, originally uploaded by Hey Jack Kerouac.

Cold London

Cold London, originally uploaded by shotbygrant.

take one december afternoon and bitterly cold i remember for London. Used an orange sunset filter (save me from freezing) - this taken on the opposite bank to the Palace of Westminster near St Thomas's hospital

Boxing Diana IV

Boxing Diana IV, originally uploaded by Lightscapes.

Boxing Diana VI

Boxing Diana VI, originally uploaded by Lightscapes.

Sumatran Tiger @ US National Zoo

Tropical Cherry

Tropical Cherry, originally uploaded by Lightscapes.

South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse, originally uploaded by Oldhamer.

South Haven Lighthouse. East shore of Lake Michigan, one cold Sunday afternoon in December. The railings are for entry to the lighthouse once the ice becomes too thick to walk on the lower level

noite de lua cheia

noite de lua cheia, originally uploaded by dana..

Mt Moran

Mt Moran, originally uploaded by bbowne.


0465, originally uploaded by Bonsan.

Kid and Kid

Kid and Kid, originally uploaded by Dave Hogg.

Talini, the Detroit Zoo's polar bear cub, finds someone his own age to play with.

, originally uploaded by planet_kasuppke.

Not much to do...

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Milheirinha, originally uploaded by Jose Viana.

Anna Raphaella

Anna Raphaella, originally uploaded by Fabio Cherman.

CATH!!!... You are sure of which we are going to do?

this old man

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Amanda and her Almond Eyes

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Modern Life

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Calm Me

Calm Me, originally uploaded by danr_co.

Sunrise at Chatfield State Park, southwest of Denver, CO, US of A.

One interesting thing is that at this time, just before sunrise, the lake is very calm. As the sun rises, wind starts to blow across the lake, giving rise to small waves. In fact, you can see the first ripples in the picture as the grey band interrupting the orange reflection - the first breezes headed towards me from the other shore. You can literally watch the wind move over the water.

sunrise over bagan

sunrise over bagan, originally uploaded by David Haberlah.