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Children who will drive you mad !!!



Football Photo's



Some nice pictures from the weekend’s matches.



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Senior PDM Designer



PDM = Product Data Management, the new fad in organizing data.



Side Effects of Alchol and Remedies

Symptom       : Cold and humid feet.
Cause         : Glass is being held at incorrect angle (You are pouring the Drink on your feet).
Cure          : Maneuver glass until open end is facing upward

Symptom       : The wall facing you is full of lights.
Cause         : You're lying on the floor.
Cure          : Position your body at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

Symptom       : The floor looks blurry.
Cause         : You're looking through an empty glass.
Cure          : Quickly refill with your favorite drink!

Symptom       : The floor is moving.
Cause         : You're being dragged away.
Cure          : At least ask where they're taking you!

Symptom       : You hear echoes every time someone speaks.
Cause         : You have your glass on your ear.
Cure          : Stop making a fool of yourself!

Symptom       : Your dad and all your brothers are looking funny.
Cause         : You're in the wrong house.
Cure          : Ask if they can point you to your house.

Symptom       : The room is shaking a lot, everyone is dressed in white and The music is very repetitive.
Cause         : You're in an ambulance.
Cure          : Don't move. Let the professionals do their job.

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Video: 3 Euros


Smart ass.



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Video: Drinking & Driving - Can You Live With The Shame?


Drinking and driving, no matter how casual or how little, will cause a problem if you’re not careful.


If you really have to drink, don’t drive home immediately. Give yourself 30 minutes cool down time and drink lots of water. Although this may delay your journey, it might save your life and the life you might kill.


Be safe. Think of your loved ones and other people’s loved ones.


Everyone belongs to someone else. Don’t snatch that away from others. You have no right to.





Straight Talk for Success: Common Sense Ideas That Won't Let You Down [Excerpt]

- By Bud Bilanich

I love stories. I think they are a very powerful way of making important points.

Here's one of my favorites about self-confidence:

The business executive was deep in debt and could see no way out. Creditors were closing in on him. Suppliers were demanding payment. He sat on the park bench, head in hands, wondering if anything could save his company from bankruptcy. Suddenly an old man appeared before him. "I can see that something is troubling you," he said. After listening to the executive's woes, the old man said, "I believe I can help you." He asked the man his name and wrote out a check. He pushed it into his hand, and said, "Take this money. Meet me here exactly one year from today, and you can pay me back at that time." Then he turned and disappeared as quickly as he had come. The business executive saw in his hand a check for $500,000, signed by John D. Rockefeller, then one of the richest men in the world! "I can erase my money worries in an instant!" he realized. But instead, the executive decided to put the uncashed check in his safe. Just knowing it was there might give him the strength to work out a way to save his business.

With renewed optimism, he negotiated better deals and extended terms of payment. He closed several big sales. Within a few months, he was out of debt and making money once again. Exactly one year later, he returned to the park with the uncashed check. At the agreed-upon time, the old man appeared. But just as the executive was about to hand back the check and share his success story, a nurse came running up and grabbed the old man. "I'm so glad I caught him!" she cried. "I hope he hasn't been bothering you. He's always escaping from the rest home and telling people he's John D. Rockefeller." And she led the old man away by the arm. The astonished executive just stood there, stunned. All year long he'd been wheeling and dealing, buying and selling, convinced he had half a million dollars behind him. Suddenly, he realized that it wasn't the money, real or imagined, that had turned his life around. It was his newfound self-confidence that gave him the power to achieve anything he went after. As nice as this story is, I doubt if it is actually true. However, like a lot of fables, it makes a great common sense point about career and life success. If you believe in yourself and your success, you are likely to find ways to make that belief come true. Think about it.



Cathy, my wife, and I had the pleasure of seeing "The Little Mermaid," a new Disney musical in its pre-Broadway engagement. It was very cool to be able to see a play that will likely become a big hit prior to its Broadway opening. It was even better because the title role of Ariel is played by Denver native Sierra Boggess, and I live in Denver. I bring up this production because of the first number in the second act -- Positoovity." If you don't know the story, Ariel has just sold her voice to her wicked aunt in order to leave the sea and become human in order to capture the heart of Prince Eric. There is one caveat. Ariel must entice the Prince to kiss her within three days. As the second act opens, Ariel is lying on the beach with her new legs. However, she finds that walking is a lot more difficult than she thought it would be. She is about to give up when Scuttle the seagull happens by. Scuttle, a master of the malapropism, tells her she can't give up and that she needs to get herself some "positoovity." Scuttle and his fellow seagulls then sing a rousing song about the power of positoovity to Ariel. I loved it.

"Positoovity" is a great, fun song, but its message is even better. We all need some positoovity in our lives -- positoovity, loosely defined, is belief in oneself. Positoove people look at the bright side of things and don't give up. And that's a great common sense message. Get some positoovity in your life, and you'll be well on your way to success.


Experience and Confidence

Stan Smith is a legendary tennis player. He has won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. In 1972, he ended the year as the number one player in the world. He is a member of the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. I once saw a great quote from him: "Experience tells you what to do. Confidence allows you to do it." I like Mr. Smith's quote because it relates to all three aspects of self-confidence: optimism, dealing with your fears, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Experience can be a cruel teacher. The best learnings often come from the worst experiences.

To take advantage of your experience, you need to be optimistic. You need to believe that you can learn something from your failures and put this knowledge to good use. You also need to be willing to face your fears. You need to be willing to put yourself back in a situation in which you have previously failed, and to try something new that will help you succeed. Finally, you need to have a cadre of supportive, positive people around you. These people can help you stay optimistic and help you face your fears. These positive people can also coach you to help you determine what you are going to do to turn around your performance.

The common sense point here is simple. We all fail from time to time. Career and life stars use the experience they gain from these failures to move ahead in their lives and careers. They use their optimism, willingness to face their fears, and the positive people in their lives to build their confidence to help them take advantage of their experiences.

About the Author:

Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, is an executive coach, motivational speaker, author, and blogger. He is the Official Executive Coaching Guide at He helps his coaching clients succeed by applying their common sense.
Dr. Bilanich is Harvard educated but has a no-nonsense approach to his work that goes back to his roots in the steel country of Western Pennsylvania. His approach to career and life success is a result of over 35 years of business experience, 10 years of research and study of successful people, and the application of common sense.
He is the author of seven books, including "Straight Talk for Success: Common Sense Ideas That Won't Let You Down," where he presents his blueprint for career and life success:

* Develop your self-confidence.

* Create positive personal impact.

* Become an outstanding performer.

* Become an effective communicator.

* Become interpersonally competent.

His clients include Pfizer, Glaxo SmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Abbot Laboratories, PepsiCo, AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Citigroup, General Motors, UBS, AXA Advisors, Cabot Corporation, The Aetna, PECO Energy, Olin Corporation, Minerals Technologies, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and a number of small and family-owned businesses.
Bud is a cancer survivor and lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Cathy.  He is a retired rugby player and an avid cyclist.  He likes movies, live theatre, and crime fiction.

Check out the Experts page for Bud Bilanich, the Official Guide to Executive Coach and Executive Coaching.


Think Outside the Box -- How Limited Beliefs and Fear Keep Us from Getting What We Want

 - By Dyan Garris
What we believe definitely has power to shape our lives. The chatter that goes around in your head definitely has power to shape your life. That is where the laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking come in to play. But this is only part of the story. Ultimately it's what you DO with your belief system that has power to transform your life.

For illustrative purposes, let's say you live in a box. The inside of the box is cozy and comfortable. You're happy in there. But the box has no windows. One day you decide you need to broaden your horizons, so you gingerly cut a large hole in the side of the box. This gives you a very nice view of what is going on outside your living quarters. You gaze out in wonder from the safety of your little dwelling, and you can see leafy green trees and other interesting shrubbery.

After a while you decide to expand your view so you cut a hole in the opposite side of the box. Now you have yet another view of the outside world. Out of this window you can see horses grazing peacefully right outside your box. You are amazed. You had no idea this was going on outside.

At some point you decide to open an additional portal on another side of the box. You're a little scared by this because you now think you may be cutting too many holes in your abode. You begin to doubt yourself and start thinking that you may be making a place for rain to get in rather than expanding your view. You worry and fret about compromising the structural integrity of your box. But then you tell yourself that it worked out just fine on the other sides, so what could possibly go wrong?

You tell yourself that if you don't cut the additional hole, you do have a nice view out of two windows and maybe that's just fine. But you've decided that you don't want to be limited anymore; you want to see what else is going on out there. So you gather your courage and do it anyway. Now you have a completely different view. You can see a beautiful lake out there. You are in awe. You decide to do this on the remaining side too, this time with enthusiasm instead of fear. Now you have a panoramic view. It's lovely and enjoyable and you are quite pleased with yourself for taking a few chances.

Some of you reading this were thinking that something bad was going to happen with all of this hole cutting. What is this based on? Why is your mind going to the negative? Study where these negative belief systems have originated from. Fear is very limiting and will keep you from getting what you desire.

Now here is what is important: You can sit there inside the box for the rest of your life, simply enjoying the view and thinking positive thoughts about it, or you can venture outside. You will discover that when you go outside you can ride the horses to greener pastures, eat the luscious ripe berries from the shrubbery, fish and/or swim in the lake. If you stay inside you can't do any of that. You can sit in there and wonder when a fish will jump out of the lake and land on top of your box or when fresh berries will arrive at your doorstep. It is a choice.

About the Author:

Dyan Garris is the author of "Money and Manifesting," "Voice of the Angels -- A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards," "The Book of Daily Channeled Messages," "Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking," and "Fish Tale of Woe -- Lost At Sea." She publishes a Daily Channeled Message at In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, chakra balance, help in sleeping, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.
Go here to learn more about "Money and Manifesting":

Straight Talk for Success: Common Sense Ideas That Won't Let You Down

 - By Bud Bilanich

"Straight Talk for Success" is written by Bud Bilanich, who is also known as "The Common Sense Guy." He definitely has been given the correct title. I found "Straight Talk for Success" to be well-organized and easy to understand. The book is arranged in five parts. Each section has its own chapters that give you further advice on the topics presented. All of the information provided is based upon common sense, which makes it easier to apply. After reading the whole book, you will see that the title is perfect.

About a week ago, a friend commented that most of my "gurus" just provide me with information that should be common sense. I totally agree with this; however, sometimes when life gets in the way, we need to have other people lead us back to what makes sense. When events at work become so convoluted, it is easy to get lost and feel helpless. Reading "Straight Talk for Success" helped me put a lot of things into perspective. One of the biggest ways it will influence me is in how I deal with situations with other people, especially co-workers, one in particular. Bilanich reminded me to act assertively, keep my integrity, and to learn from the situation.

The biggest feeling that I had when I finished reading "Straight Talk for Success" was excitement. I am looking forward to applying the principles that I learned to my career so that I can get myself out of a slump that I feel myself falling into. I am looking forward to putting these new tools to work, so that I can present myself with confidence and integrity. It feels so good to be excited about doing something well, especially when I know that my career helps others.

I highly recommend this book for people in the work world. It is appropriate for those at every stage of their career. It would make a wonderful gift for a college graduate who is just starting out. I wish I had something like this way back when. It will also be good for people who are in the middle of their career when they feel themselves hitting rough patches. People nearing retirement can still benefit from this book because it will help them finish strong. "Straight Talk for Success" would also be the perfect text for a work retreat. --Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

When you order "Straight Talk for Success" today, you'll get a package of FREE gifts that can change your life -- from some of the best thinkers on career and life success! Visit

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How to Get Google to Pay For Your Blogs

Some people blog for money. Unlike the 75% of us who blog for the fun of it, some blog for money.


And how does that work? The easiest way is to use Google AdSense and have Google place ad's on your blog or website. These ad's are related to the content of your site. So these ads are targeted ad's - their relevant and focused.


All you have to do is to place some code from Google in your blog template, choose the ad format and how many ad's you would like to show, and Google will do the rest.


The easiest way to learn the secrets of using Google AdSense is to learn from Joel Comm, the AdSense guru at Millionaire AdSense.  Joel is the authority of AdSense. He'll teach you things that will really help accelerate your learning curve. Soon you'll be generating revenue from your site with minimal work.

AdSense Secrets

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A View of Kuala Lumpur

I took this short video recently when travelling between KL Sentral (Central) and KLCC. It shows the skyscrapers, the low lying buildings and the trees in the city.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ferrari RoadShow in China


Strange But True

'Stewardesses' - the longest word typed with only the left hand .

And 'lollipop' - the longest word typed with your right hand. Bet you tried this out mentally, didn't you)

No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.

'Dreamt' is the only English word that ends in the letters 'mt'.  (Are you doubting this)

Our eyes  re always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

The sentence: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' uses every letter of the alphabet. Now, you KNOW you're going to try this out for accuracy, right)

The words 'racecar,'  kayak'  nd 'level' are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left (palindromes). (Yep, I knew you were going to 'do' this one.)
There are only four words in the English language which end in 'dous': tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous. (You're not doubting this, are you)

There are two words in the English language that have all five vowels in order: 'abstemious' and 'facetious.' (Yes, admit it, you are going to say, a e i o u)
TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard. (All you typists are going to test this out)

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.  

A goldfish  as a memory span of three seconds. (Some days that's about what my memory span is.)

A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.  

A shark  s the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

A snail  an sleep for three years. (I know some people that could do this too.!)
Almonds are a member of the peach  amily.

An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
(I know some people like that also)

Babies are born without kneecaps. hey don't appear until the child reaches 2 to 6 years of age.

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.  

In the last 4,000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.

If the population of China walked past you, 8 abreast, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors

Peanuts  re one of the ingredients of dynamite!  

Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
The average person's left hand does 56% of the typing.  

The cruise liner, QE 2, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.

The microwave  as invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket. (Good thing he did that.)

The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls  roze completely solid.

There are more chickens than people in the world.

Winston Churchill was born in a ladies' room during a dance.

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

Now you know more than you did before!!

Joke: Chinese Immigration to USA


5  Chinese, Chu, Bu, Hu, Fu and Su decided to immigrate to the US  .

In order to get a visa, they had to adapt their names to American standards.

Chu became  Chuck

Bu became Buck

Hu became  Huck

Fu and Su decided to stay in China

Friday, April 11, 2008

Joke: Deaf Mute on the Wrong Bus

A woman gets on a city bus.

She looks at the driver and holds up one hand; the driver holds up two hands.
Next, the woman points up;  the driver points down.
Then, the woman grabs her breast; the driver grabs his crotch.
Finally, the woman grabs her butt and gets off the bus.

A curious passenger asked the bus driver what the odd motions were all about.

The driver explained, "The woman is a deaf-mute. She asked me if a bus ride is five cents, and I told her it was ten cents. Next, she asked if the bus was going uptown, and I told her it was going downtown. Then, she asked if the bus was going pass the milk-farm, and I told her it was going pass the ball-park."

The passenger interjected, Okay, but why did she grab her butt as she left the bus?"

The driver continued, she replied "Oh shit, I'm on the wrong bus!"

Wife & Husband's Diary


Sunday night.
I thought he was acting weird.
We had made plans to meet at a cafe to have coffee.
I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset
that I was a  bit late, but he made no comment.
Conversation wasn't  flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could  talk.
He agreed but he kept quiet and absent.
I asked him what was wrong.
He said: "Nothing."
I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset.
He said it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry.
On the way home I told him that  I loved him.
He simply smiled and kept driving.
I can't explain  his behavior;
I don't know why he didn't say: "I love u, too."
When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore.
He just sat there and watched TV; he seemed distant and  absent.
Finally, I decided to go to bed.
About 10  minutes later he came to bed.
I could not take it anymore, so I decided to confront him with the
situation but he had fallen asleep.
I started crying and cried until I too fell asleep.
I don't know what to do.
I'm almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else.
My life is a  disaster.

Today, Manchester United lost the match. DAMN  IT..!!


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Amazing Isnt It At How Beautiful Our Planet Is?

Looking from above, one cannot but be amazed at how gorgeous our planet is. It's hard to imagine the amount of hatred, suffering and pain that's going underneath those clouds.

Even God would cry...

What's The Red Button in The Petrol Pump for?

All of us have pumped petrol at a gas station at one time or another.

If you observe the gas pump carefully, did you ever wonder what the red button just below the dials and just above the pump handle is for?

Well, its not the button you hit to call the gas attendant, its....

A video speaks a thousand words, take a peek at it here.