Monday, September 28, 2009

Nando's Recycling Fries?

We took a long walk to Nandos (Ajose Adeogun) today for lunch. I always have a problem keeping up with tall people. But it’s the only exercise I get here.


So we went to Nando’s and my colleague Paul ordered the chicken wrap and a coke, no fries.


After waiting 18 minutes for lunch to be served, his dish came with the chicken wrap and fries.


Hmmm…but we continued eating our lunch.


Then the waiter comes and tells him that he has to pay for lunch. Paul showed him the receipt which showed that he didn’t order fries. The waiter then said he would like his fries back. Paul agreed.


(If this was in Malaysia, the waiter and the cashier would have overlooked this mistake on their part and Paul would have gotten some free fries.)


But this is not Malaysia.


So we watched the waiter sweep the fries of Paul’s plate onto another plate and then he walked back to the kitchen. We expected him to thrown the fries away.


But no! The fries went back into the waiting bin with the rest of the fries!


I pity the next soul who comes in for some fries.


Note to self: Don’t order fries at Nando’s. I wonder if they recycle the chicken too? Must check bird for bite marks before eating.




Ruthie said...

That's just so gross. I hope it doesn't happen here.

Think & Create said...

How would you know this doesnt happen back home in Malaysia? I seriously hope it doesnt. We were just lucky to see this. We wouldnt have known if we hadnt been there that day.

Ruthie said...

That's the worrying part - I DON'T know.