Monday, September 14, 2009

Chicken, Chicken & Chicken

To all those who hoped, myself included, that I would come back slimmer, my apologies. The staple food here daily is chicken, chicken and chicken. Everywhere you turn its chicken. We've been to Tastee Chicken and Chicken Republic. Chicken Republic is slightly more expensive. Maybe because the chickens have a union in Chicken Republic.

Anyway, here's a short video of the walk to Chicken Republic. Take note of the traffic.

Nigerian currency conversion:

N150 = USD 1 = RM 3.5

Usually meal would be Jollo Rice (around N350), one Charcolit Chicken (N400), salad (N200) and water (N150). That's a grand total of N1100 or RM25 per day for lunch.

Dinner is usually more expensive, around N5000 per person. And this isnt even for extravagent food - just a plain old fish and chips for RM125.

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