Monday, September 28, 2009

Bombay Palace

Finally, some good food in Lagos.


We ate at the famous Bombay Palace, one of the few places in Victoria Island where good food is served.



There was not many people on a Saturday night but apparently its full on a Sunday where they serve their famous buffet for N2000 (or RM46) per person – its eat as much as you can from 12 noon to 5 pm. Lots of Shell people make this their Sunday hangout.


The first thing that caught my eye was how dirty their plates were.


It took me a while to see that it was an actually a design. All their plates had the same design. And I thought the previous diner had chocolate for desert.


And this was the kind soul who spent his Saturday night taking my wife and I for a delicious dinner at Bombay Palace in his car, Nils Kristiansen.

DSC05432 DSC05429

Nils picked me up from our hotel and took us to Bombay Palace. He’s still the same, eager for an adventure person I have grown to know. In fact, the very first pictures I ever saw of the Niger Delta was from Nils photo’s on Facebook. He’s been here for close to 2 years now, with another 2 years left in his contract. He travels to all the neighboring countries during his breaks. He’s off to Ghana on Wednesday for some rest and relaxation. According to Nils, Ghana is much safer than Nigeria.




After that, we were taken to Tingles, one of the few places in VI that has a live band every weekend. Apparently there were some big shots in the establishment because after taking this picture with flash, we were immediately warned not to take any more pictures. Luckily they didn't confiscate our camera.

Thanks Nils for showing us Bombay Palace. The food was good, the company was even better.

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