Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cars or Bus?

Two expats to a car. That was the deal. I think this was done mainly as a safety procedure.


However, due to the large number of expats and only 7 cars, management considered the option of using a bus to transport these expats to/from work. Nevertheless, there was some severe feedback that this was going against the agreed plan of having two expats to a car and a bus full of white people maybe seen as a security hazard. Some people even object to the fact that there are 4 people now to a car rather than the agreed two people to a car.


After some due deliberation, we have our cars.


I don’t see why the driver cannot take 4 people to a car since all four are going back to the same hotel and to the same office. I mean some common sense should prevail here. We’re all in the same ride, there should be some give and take. Driving back to the hotel after work is a time consuming affair as the traffic is horrendous. What makes it even worst is the number of people dashing in and out of the traffic by foot. These people even put our Mat Rempits to shame.


One thing I learned in Nigeria is to be very careful of car drivers. These people don’t really care much about pedestrians. I nearly got hit by a Land Rover in the car park of my own building! The Land Rower driver didn’t care that we were trying to cross right in front of them. Just like in Malaysian and other third world countries, cars are deemed more valuable than human life.


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