Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Am Not Driving in Nigeria

I am not driving in Nigeria. Cars zoom by each other, honking their way through. If this was Malaysia, people would be fist fighting, knowing how short tempered and reckless Malaysian drivers are. But here, everyone takes it in their stride.


I will post more pictures later when I have the time.


Work starts at 8 am but I get picked up at 7 am to avoid the morning traffic rush and reach my cubicle by 7.10 am. I know if my working colleagues read this they’ll be shocked as I never come early to work in Malaysia. Sorry boss. No driver in Malaysia J


Everyone leaves the office at 6 pm sharp. Ok, I’ll rephrase that. The locals leave work by 5 pm while the expats leave work by 6 pm. And only the expats work on Saturday. But 6 pm is mandatory as power to building gets terminated at 6.30pm and you wouldn’t want to be caught in the lift.


It’s time to work on my wall thickness calculation now. KK, why didn’t you teach me this earlier?  J




Rizwan said...


keep posting up stories...

Khalid said...

Just wondering. Why an hour later then the locals? Can't the driver to send you home earlier?

Think & Create said...

We work an hour longer each day and also on Saturdays. That's how the agreement is. Also, we're suppose to teach them on the job trainings and also a lecture, if and when we find the time. This is imposed by the Nigerian government.

Anonymous said...

tadda kambing kaa?
traffic on chicken-cube video, looks tamer than Sudan's Khartoum.
Do you get paid for hours > 40.