Sunday, July 25, 2010

St. Francis Xavier Church Sports New Altar

Went to St. Francis Xavier Church (SFX) this morning for mass and was pleasantly surprised to see their new altar. The altar reminds me of a Gothic century church altar, just like those in Canada although I don't know what the white piece of structure on the roof is supposed to symbolise?

But the interior of the church was warm, despite the multitude of fans blowing away. I guess air-conditioning the church just like the Jesus Caritas church in Kepong Baru wasnt part of their renovation plan or someone overlooked it. I know of some SFX parishioners who were complaining about why a little parish like Jesus Caritas can be air-conditioned while SFX could not. Well, SFX is a huge church. Getting the air temperature in such a big space down to 24C within an hour is certainly not possible. Jesus Caritas is such a small church comparatively.

Anyway, on the way out I saw a brand new Prius in front of me. Way to go hybrid car.
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