Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Carrefour Losing to Jusco in Malaysia & Closing Shop?

Only yesterday my wife was commenting on how silly Carrefour's point system is where every purchase of RM50 entitles you to a stamp but you're only allowed 3 stamps per day. So anything above RM150 is wasted. We bought groceries worth RM250 and was entitled for 5 stamps but we only came away with 3 stamps. Wife mentioned something about Carrefour losing out to Jaya Jusco's and lo and behold, we find this interesting article on the Wall Street Journal about Carrefour wanting to sell of its South East Asia stores. I guess their really losing money, arent they?


Anonymous said...

its time for carrefour to step down..recent yrs their operation is in a chaos...shop floor products panogram all in a shit mess...purchasing dept not the suitable candidates...another words wrong person..And they do nothing but politics thinking of who to axed...and the store director is sleeping...dun know how to appreciate the right employees..they deserve this...

Think & Create said...

While I dont know the internal scenario is Carrefour as on the outside, to a lay person like me, everything looks in order, but when they come out with such a stupid scheme, then I knew it was a poorly thought out system. No one with the right knowledge and experience would do such a thing - limit customers spending.

So now I am not surprised their pulling out. Poor management always results in poor performance.

Thanks for your insight.