Sunday, July 04, 2010

Platinum Movie Seats

 In Dubai, normal cinema tickets were the equivalent of RM30 while the Platinum seats were around RM100. So we were pleasantly surprised to find the Cathay cinema Platinum seats at the Curve to be RM40; more than double the price of the usual tickets of RM12 but what the heck, once in a lifetime experience. (In Lagos, I came across a naive or more probably ignorant female colleague who couldn't comprehend that other countries can have superior cinema's at a much lower cost than in the UK or the US.)

There were only two shows showing in the Platinum screens. We watched Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Knight & Day. 

Being a Platinum ticket holder allows you to wait in the Platinum lounge before the movie begins, where there's a free flow of soft drinks, free Wi-Fi and 4 Ogawa massage chairs. Wife and I spent an hour on those chairs. Pictures below show the interior of the lounge.

Initially I thought the Platinum seats were just above the usual audience. Little did I realize that the Platinum screens were on their own, 16 seats to a cinema. The chairs were fully adjustable. You could even lie flat and watch the movie. The seats were so comfortable and very spacious. Each person had an intercom which you could use to call the butler to get whatever it is that you need, like drinks or a blanket and pillow. Blankets and pillow could be rented for RM5 just in case it gets cold, which it really was. I think it was their way of getting an extra RM5 from most people unless of course, you're my size, then you wouldn't need a blanket. 

All in all, it was a good experience at the Cathay Platinum cinema at the curve. Although our butler never arrived when we called for him because apparently the front desk was full, but the luxurious comfort of watching the movie was worth it.

It's back to my RM12 cinema after this.

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