Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lagos Traffic - No Different from Kuala Lumpur

Pictures below depict the after work traffic situation in Lagos.

Isn't the traffic condition the same in Lagos as that in Kuala Lumpur? 

I guess both governments are not well versed when it comes to traffic and town planning, are they?

But we're lucky. We stay only 45 minutes away from Victoria Island. Some of our Nigerian colleagues have a 5-hour daily commute to work. We look at them with pity. But isn't it how our colleagues from the west look at us Malaysians when we say we have a 2-hour commute to/fro work daily when they only take about 30-45 minutes?

Malaysia - so much more to learn and develop, there's no way we'll be developed by 2020. From the current political scene, it looks like we're heading backwards!

So much for Vision 2020!

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