Monday, December 07, 2009

Off from Lagos, Over Doha and Back to KL

A view of Lagos from the air. Note the population density.


A view of Doha at night. Note the bright lights and a very long street in the middle of the picture.


Landing at KLIA. Contrast the brown of Lagos and the green of KL.


We noted this unique structure near Port Klang. Is this North Port?

Interesting structure off North Port or Port Klang


Another interesting structure…LNG carrier docking port?

LNG docking port?


Dark clouds brewing on the horizon.

Dark, strom clouds on the horizon

Dark, strom clouds on the horizon


And to my nerdy aerospace friend, Kok Siong, is there anything wrong with the airplane flaps?

Kok Siong, anything wrong with this wing flap?

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