Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maxis Broadband – Simply Terrible!

Maxis Wireless Broadband is possible the worst product Maxis has ever rolled out. For a company which prides itself as Malaysia’s largest and widest coverage mobile company, how it can still sign up subscribers to its pathetic wireless broadband service is beyond me. Picture below is my connection speed - 0.92 kbps!


Maxis Broadband Connection Speed


The only locations where I could get up to 90% connection was at Sunway Medical Centre and 1Utama New Wing Shopping Centre. Even at KLCC 4th floor food court, my connection speed was less than 50% – and this was only a stone throw away from Maxis HQ!


And judging from comments on Facebook on Maxis Broadband, I guess I am not the only disgruntled customer. Many have come disappointed before me and many will come after me. I hope they read this post before they decide to opt for Maxis Wireless broadband.


Streamyx here I come.


Rizwan said...

jgn potong!

Think & Create said...

Yes big mistake. Had to reconnect my Streamyx back using the monthly RM40/month, for now, until I come back and upgrade to the 2MB or 4MB line.

Alvin Goh said...

Hey there,

There is a new avenue created in Facebook for the cause. You are not alone in condemning the service that is provided by Maxis.

You may want to search
'Disgruntled Customers of Maxis' in the search tab and 'add' as a fan and air your comments there.


Think & Create said...

Alvin, thanks for the link, will join.

Alvin Goh said...


The page is already up for 3 months now, ive decided to use this post of yours as reference and a case study to all the members in there.

Do help to invite your friends to join this page and God willing we will hit 1000 members soon in the next couple of months.

Do get in touch with me should you need further info >