Friday, December 18, 2009

Interesting Sites

1. 30 Unusual and Surreal Artworks. Images that astound you.

2. Serial coffee drinkers are more likely to feel "the presence of dead people", British researchers found. They asked students about their caffeine intake and those with the highest were also most likely to report seeing, or hearing, things that were not there.

Read more about these and other stories in Ghosts, Masturbation and Other Weird Stories

3. Big Fat Lies - things you should (and I should) know about weigh loss.

4. 10 Dumbest Facebook Fan Pages ... With Thousands of Fans - these people have too much time!

5. Picture of the Day of a Cool Swerve. The have nice scenaries in Norway and I guess that was how they got the inspiration to build this road.

6. Lastly, check out how to make bottles disappear.

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