Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Market

It was Sunday and we decided to take a peek at the famous Lekki Beach Market. In Malaysia, Sunday would be a very busy day at the market. But to our surprise, Lekki Beach Market was deserted. Apparently business only runs from 6 am to 4 pm, Monday to Saturday.


We work in Victoria Island, we live in Ikoyi and we shop at Lekki.

Victoria Island (VI) is an over priced island. That’s where all the expats work and live. The poorer ones live outside Victoria Island, in Ikoyi and surrounding areas. Prices in Lekki are 1/5 of that in VI.



Here is how deserted the market was. What you couldn't see was the large, crater sized pot holes on the road.

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This is a very common way of carrying junior around.



This is the largest shopping mall here, I think, called the Palms and the largest tenant is Shoprite and Game. Game has more varieties but slightly more expensive than Shoprite.



We wanted to shop at Park n’ Shop but some reason it was closed today, so we ended up at a new place just close to my office called Goodies. It’s a Lebanese super market. This is where expats and well to-do Nigerians buy their groceries and fresh meat from. There was also a nice, cozy bakery inside.



Then when some dark clouds started appearing, we dashed off to Spice Bar to get some good Indian food. But like everything else in Nigeria, service is slow and somehow they screwed up our order. Typical.


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