Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maybe I Should Nook!

Books, books, books - I love my books and they love me (although my wife complains that I have too many of them. Oh wifey, don't you understand me?)

I have to admit, I have too many books. And with my hard disk dying on me, keeping ebooks has always been an issue.

So maybe B&N's new Nook is something I must try. It's a hand held e-book reader. And it's not like reading an e-book on a laptop. Reading from an e-book reader is so much easier on the eyes. The soft background glow and the sharp contrast wording makes it easier for you to read for long hours. Nook allows you to store multiple books, depending on how much storage space you have. 

I don't know the exact features of Nook but I suspect it will allow you buy an e-book at any time, as long as you're connected to the Internet. One feature I know is Nook allows you to share books with another Nook for a certain number of days. This is a very good feature I believe.

What I do not know is how secure the device is. Can someone steal my purchased e-books?

Anyone care to send a Nook my way :)

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