Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why Is My Cross So Heavy?

All of us carry our crosses daily. And all of them are heavy. Why does God do this to us? Maybe this illustration will help...

Remember, all our crosses, not matter how large or small they may seem, is specifically made to help us through our lives. Dont compare your cross with someone else's. Your cross is special. It is made for you, for your future.


Anonymous said...

So the guy asked the lord to cut the cross for him but then did it himself anyway?

And none of the others even bothered to let him cross over using their cross?


Kenneth G said...

Our crosses are our burdens. It's made specifically for us, in order for us to learn something from it.

Maybe like being financially tight. Maybe God wants us to be resourceful and find alternative methods of finding an income and in the process, we might meet or go through experiences that we might have not otherwise.

If we shirk away from our burdens, we wont obtain the blessing that we're destined for. This is what most people miss when they try to take the easy way out of things.