Wednesday, October 03, 2007

18th Floor Flooded?

How does the 18th floor of a building get flooded?

A burst water pipe would be the answer.

Location: Menara Tan & Tan.

It happened yesterday, Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 at around 1.30 pm when the water tank on the 11th floor was filled to the brim and the back pressure rose up along the pipe until it broke on the 18th floor.

Here are some pictures. Slightly blurred. More pictures will be posted soon.

As you can see below, the water soaked the carpet, nearly destroyed several computers and caused havoc on documents and folders under the tables. Water level was about 2 inches high. Everyone had to resort to using brooms, baskets and even hard paper folders to scoop the water out.

The Canadian embassy beside us was also affected but their lucky, their floors are bare.

As I write this, the carpets all around me are soaked and will remain soaked for some time to come.

Clearer pictures will be posted when they arrive.

Here's the rest of the pictures...

Picture below shows the burst riser, which happened to be at my floor, and 7 floors above the water tank.

We had to scoop the water out of the office. There was too much water for it to evaporate naturally. The tinted windows didnt help either.

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