Monday, October 08, 2007

Fighting for Fourth Place Again?

Oh my Liverpool, why do you break my heart?

I've been waiting 18 years for league title to come to Anfield and I thought this would be the year. It certainly started out well but alas, it seems that we will be fighting for fourth place again this year.

Why cant Liverpool play with the fluidity of Arsenal or Man United? These two teams play beautiful, flowing football. And the fact that Arsenal is doing very well since the departure of Henry does show the preference that was given to him during his time there. Some players tend to become Gods just because their exceptionally good. And the team suffers because of that.

When I see Liverpool play, I dont see the smooth flow of play that brings great confidence to their supporters. It's all kick and chase. Where's the flow Liverpool, where's the flow?

What can I say about Robbie Keane except that he's darn good and if only he was playing the for the Reds, Liverpool would be scorching hot.

My only consolation is that it took Drogba a year to settle in and I hope the same for Torres before he comes alive and scores on the average two goals every weekend.

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