Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Like I've Been Talking to a Wall

The following story was mentioned by a seasoned ANSYS user when explaining a concept, for the third time, to a new comer. It's simply amazing how you find engineers who cant explain their problem properly when asking for help in forums? Sometimes the act of simply writing down clearly ones problem is enough to provide an insight to its solutions. And a simple Free Body Diagram (FBD) helps. But I come across a lot of engineers who dont bother to Read The Fucking Manual (RTFM) but jump onto the forums to ask for help. What ever happened to the age old belief of doing one's homework before asking for help?
A tourist was visiting Jerusalem and found himself near the Western Wall, crowded with people saying prayers. The guide pointed to an old man standing with his forehead against the stonework, praying aloud for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. 'You see that old man?  
I've been a guide here for 25 years, and every single day of that time he's been here praying for one thing--peace. Nothing for himself, no victory, no taking sides, just that the shooting should stop.'
Eventually the old man ended his prayers and began to walk away, so the tourist stepped up and asked whether it was true that he'd prayed here daily all that time for nothing but peace. The old man just nodded, so the tourist asked him, 'How does it feel after all these years of prayer and the guns still firing?' The old man looked up and replied 'How does it feel? Oy, like I've been talking to a wall!'

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