Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Easy Way to Find Airfares on the Web

At first I wanted to call this post, How to Find the Best Airfares on the Web. But after going through the process, I realised that Hipmunk onl works with one online travel agency. So it might or might not give you the best price. So I changed the blog title to reflect this.

The worst part about going for a vacation is finding the cheapest or the most affordable airline. Well, dont fret anymore. Check out Hipmunk.

Just key in your destination and travel dates and let the Munk find the best flights for you. In my case, it was going home to Kuala Lumpur from Perth during Christmas.

You then pick on the flights that you want for the going and return trip and then Hipmunk redirects your purchase to Orbitz for payment. So I guess this only works for Orbitz prices. Other airlines might be cheaper.

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