Thursday, December 02, 2010

Pump and Pay

And here I was, at the petrol station, waiting at the queue to buy some petrol.

When my turn came, the cashier asked, "Which lane?"

Seven, I said. He looked puzzled.

"Have you pumped any gas yet?"

I said no. I am here to pay before I pump.

He politely smiled (since there was a line of people behind me) and told me that I have to pump the gas (petrol) first , and then come in and pay.

The complete opposite from back home.

I wanted to ask him what would happen if I just drove off but the large video camera pointed at the pumps assured me that I won't be a free man for long.

And for the record, Australia pumps RON 91.


Ruth said...

Shouldn't complain about RON95 then.

Think & Create said...

I wonder why no Malaysian brought up this comparison up before. Cars here are designed to run on Ron91. Maybe we're just too pampered on Ron 97.