Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bob Has Arrived

Finally, Bob arrived today. Or should I say yesterday but we only got him working this morning. Bob needed 12 hours to get his head clear, then I found out that Windows Vista doesnt support WPA2 or WPA security protocols very well. I ended up having to use WEP as my security protocol for my wireless connection.

So finally we have Internet.

What impressed me with iiNet's customer support is that when you call in and all the customers service representatives are busy, the system will ask you if you want to wait or have them call you back. And they do call you back. Even before you choose the option of staying on the line or have them call you back, they politely tell you that by getting them to call you back doesnt influence your number in the queue. I am impressed.

Bob was shipped from Sydney. Took 2 days to reach the front of my door. And it takes a week for a letter posted from Jalan Tun Razak to reach Kepong. Go figure.

Now excuse me, time to hang out with Bob.


Crankster said...

Thank goodness for Bob. Now you're properly connected again.

Think & Create said...

Ha ha, yes, Bob's behaving well. I could take my laptop for a walk around my garden today, showing the family back home our garden via Skype