Friday, December 17, 2010

Fine Dining!

Too much champagne during lunch does make one unproductive.

I am learning what fine dining really means. If its a one course meal, then they'll serve you a huge plate with a fine (small) portion of food, with lots of tiny leaves sprinkled around your food to give it a rich experience. Who wants the rich experience? I am paying, I want food.

If fine dining consists of a few courses, like yesterdays company lunch, then they'll serve you lots of starters and appetisers to fill you up before serving you the tiniest beef steak I ever saw in my life. And I was not the only one. Everyone around me went quiet when the beef steak was served. Those having fish laughed at our beef steak portions, or should I say 3 thin slices of beef!

Thank God the red and white wine, and ample champagne compensated for the tiny food portion. And the deliciously sinful ice-cream!

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