Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ways to Skip Past a Voice-Mail Menu

I wonder if this will work with AIA Malaysia's automated voice mail system. Which I found to be the worst voice mail system ever. It is so hard to get to speak to someone. AIA went to a lot of measures to avoid talking to its customers by implementing a voice mail system that is son confusing and terribly useless.
To bypass the voice mail menu and speak to a live person, just mumble into the phone or else speak nonsense. The system won't be able to  understand you, and therefore may have no choice but to connect you with a live person.
If that doesn't work, say nothing. The system may sense a rotary phone and connect you with a live operator.
Should all else fail, select the "cancel service" option from the voice mail menu. If the company thinks it's going to lose you as a customer, someone may try to convince you otherwise - in person.
Source: Words from Woody, Winter 2010.


Crankster said...

Good idea. :)

Rizwan said...

wait till he try air asia...

Think & Create said...

Air Asia is terrible. They dont even accept bookings after 9 pm and they dont accept bookings for flights leaving within 24 hours.

Previously I could book over the phone but now when you do so, they will ask you to do it online. Have either of you tried phone booking recently?