Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

Watched our first movie in Nigeria. Watched it at the cinema at the Palms (aka Shoprite), in a urine smelling, damp theater 4. If anyone from Golden Deluxe Cinema reads this, do clean up your cinema.


Anyway, for N500 or RM12.50 each, wifey and I watched Law Abiding Citizen, starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Fox.










Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is a brilliant planner and inventor, who used to work for the US Department of Defense as the brains behind their intelligence unit. One night two robbers invade his Philadelphia home and brutally kill his wife and daughter, and almost kill him. The killers are caught, and Assistant DA Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is assigned the case. Nick is ordered by the DA to make a deal with one of the killers to testify against his partner for a 10 year plea bargain prison sentence. Clyde doesn't want Nick to make the deal, but Nick says it was too late and the deal is done. The other killer got the death penalty. After 10 years, the other killer is released from prison, and he soon ends up dead. Clyde is arrested and kind of admits to Nick that he did it. Clyde is put in jail, and he warns Nick that he must fix the broken justice system that failed him and his family or else anyone connected to his case will soon die. Even from jail, Clyde's threats become a reality, and Nick must stop Clyde before his family is next


The movie, overall, was exciting but the ending was very lame. The producers seemed at loss of how to end the movie, so they killed of Clyde in the most simplest way while arrogant Nick gets to play the hero. It would have been better to have allowed Clyde to have somehow escaped and then allowed the man hunt to begin. Killing Clyde in prison was just too easy.


Oh well, maybe Avatar in a cleaner cinema next week.

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Rizwan said...

love mr.butler man... (so gay)...