Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am Nigerian But They Wont Let Me In.

I heard this from my colleague.

It was Friday and the boys wanted to go for a beer to a local bar in Victoria Island called YNot, which is just opposite the office. Out at the office gate, they saw the office boy (local Nigerian) and coaxed him into going with them to YNot. But to their surprise, the office boy was not allowed into YNot. The didn't give any explanation other than he cant come in. I think it mainly because one look at him and they knew he doesn't earn much. But to discriminate someone just because they don't earn as much as others is ridiculous. And for what, a drink? In the end, my colleagues had to pay the bouncer to allow our Nigerian office boy into the bar for a drink.


Crankster said...

Stuff like these piss me off! It's more prominent in 3rd world countries of course. Which reminds us all why they *are* 3rd world countries.

Think & Create said...

Yes. The rich in Nigeria are extremely arrogant. They despise foreigners and their fellow not-well-to-do Nigerians. Why go so far? The local boss of the company I work for also has the same attitude.