Friday, November 27, 2009

A View from the Temporary Office

This is the view of the temporary office we're working in during the public holidays in Nigeria. The work area for each of us is much larger and the view of the Atlantic Ocean is just superb. All pictures taken at 8 am. I'll take more pictures later in the evening.

Above picture taken from balcony window prior to entering the office.

Albina, your husband has a fantastic spot of the sun and the ocean. Too bad the windows are so dirty.

Pictures below are of the quiet but spacious office environment.

Pictures below show the view of the ocean from where I sit.

This is the server room with the cold air con.

And this is where I sit beside the serve room with Alek, John , Vikash and Toye.

And this is my view of the office - nothing spectacular but just look at the huge amount of space!

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