Monday, November 05, 2007

My Waja - 1800km and Clocking

My new, yet to service Waja, has just clocked around 1800 km and I have yet to send it for its 1000 km service. I hope it won’t cause much damage. I wonder how much the service will cost me?


Took it up to Penang over the weekend, a 700 km trip up and down the Peninsula. In city driving, I can get up to 530 km on a full tank, but on the highway, I reached 550 km and I still have a quarter tank of petrol left.


Driving between 110~120 km/h, this car is much smoother and faster than my little Kancil. I know its not fair a comparison to make but that's the only car I know intimately. I've used the Kancil to travel up and down Peninsula Malaysia until I know where most of the potholes on the highway is.


RESPECT - this is something the Waja gives me. Especially on the road, when I intend to overtake, cars slow down. That never happened when I was driving the smallest car in the country. No way Hose! Everyone would either horn or block your path. But with the Waja, they gave way. Maybe its because they know that the Waja is a fast car and chances are that the driver will speed as fast as they're going; but if it were a Kancil, there's no way most of the Kancil's can do 120 km/h constantly (some Kancils continue to amaze me when I was overtaken by one last night - and I was doing 120 km/h, and he just whizzed pass me).


The car is quiet, although at 110 km/h, the engine noise can be heard. But I guess this is common for all big cars. But with the radio playing softly, the noise is barely audible.


That's all for now.


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