Friday, November 02, 2007

My New Set of Wheels - Proton Waja

This is my new set of wheels. Just got it last week. It's much bigger and comfortable than my old little Perodua Kancil. I would have continued using the Kancil if it wasn't shrinking every year, or was I getting fatter? :)

So far, no problems with the car. Unlike my friend's car - we bought both cars one week apart from the same dealer. His window lock button was jammed and the driver's side rear view mirror motor was conked out.

Proton cars are well know for their lack of visual quality, ie. the things the consumer can see, like its infamous easily spoiled power window, loose glove compartment and other issues.

I didnt have a single problem with my 9-year old Perodua Kancil. The quality of the car is just excellent. But friends have warned me not to expect the same with my Waja.

I'll keep updating the blog with issues of my car, if and when it happens.

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