Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Everything will be Okay.

Do you know him?

The guy who cut you off in traffic this morning and nearly caused a dent in your car, do you know him? Most probably not. Were you angry at him? Most probably yes, unless you're a priest or monk. But why did he do it? Why did he cut so abruptly in front of you?

Did you see the sloppy man during lunch today? He's slightly fat, with his beard unshaved, shirt unkept gulping down his lunch. Would you like him as a colleague?

I know that slightly fat man. Although he earns quite a tidy sum every month, he spends his money on medical bills for his parents and other necessary stuffs. I havent seen him in a new short for months now. And at this precise moment, he's broke, living off the very few dollars that he has with him. Luckily he drives the smallest car in the country, so the petrol bill isn't that high. He's just witing for his next paycheck.

But when you speak to him, you'll never guess he's broke. That doesnt mean he'll spend you a drink. He's not extravagant in spending. But he'll never tell you the depth of his problems either, unlike some people who love the attention and would openly tell you their whole life. This guy sits and jokes with you and encourages you to work hard and smart. He's always there for you. He always tries to make the best out of everything. He doesnt ponder much o the fact that he doesn't have much cash with him at the moment, either in his wallet or in his bank.

On his way home, he picks up his wife and they go along to one of those stalls along the road and pick out some delicious but cheap food. He consoles her, telling her all will be better soon. She trusts him. After all, she left her family to stay with him.

Things will be better. Things always are when you're at the bottom.

When you see these people on the road, busily hurrying to work, do you know if they have eaten or what they've been through the night before? Most probably not. Does this give you the right to scold or reprimand them in public is they accidentally make a mistake? For example, if the fat, sloppy man above accidentally spilled a drink on your blouse or shirt sleeve, do you chastise him in public? Or do you gently look him in the smile, smile and say, "Dont worry, everything will be okay, my friend"

Everything will be okay.

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