Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Mediocre Liverpool Season

At the end of last week, I thought this would be the season my beloved Liverpool makes a claim to the premier league. But alas, the last 3 games, I see the true Liverpool. Another dissapointing mediocre season for Liverpool again.

When Torres was brought on in the last 30 minutes of the game, there was some fire upfront. But all Birmingham had to do was to hand tight for half an hour a point was theirs. At Liverpool's expense. If only Benitez has played Torres from the beginning, then we would had more fire power. Everyone knows and is scared of Torres's speed and skill in the 18 yard box. And his overhead kick was just a testimony on how much skills he has.

Alas, Arsenal is at the top of the league and I think they deserve to be there. They seem to gel well without Henry, according to Farbegas. And I think so too. Arsene Wenger paid too much emphasis to Henry and lost the cohesiveness of this team. When Henry left for Barcelona, their more harmony in the team.
Thierry Henry

While Barcelona is stuttering in the Spanish league. I hope they dont become the next Real Madrid.

And poor Juventus. After leading 1-0 in the 17th minute against Roma, they let in 2 goals and their wonder boy, Del Piero missed an equalizing penalty when he blasted it over the bar. My guess is Juventus will not win anything this season but I now they'll be able to finish in the top 6. This season is team building, next season is the Scudetto.

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