Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How To Pray

For some people, prayer is easy and its something they look forward to. For me, being brough up with strict Christian parents, prayer was the norm in the family but it was forced in order to build dicipline.

That explains my reluctance to pray.

Now that I am married, I am free to pray as I wish. And I prefer to pray in solitude. My wife on the other hand loves to pray with music and songs praising the Lord. I dont really like that way of praying. I prefer to talk to my Creator in silence so that I can listen when he speaks.

Today, I received a small note from :

1. Preparation

Prepare your heart for prayer.

2. Find a place alone - away from outside distracting influences

If you can't find a good place in your house, go to a park or some place where there is quitness.

3. Wait quietly before the Lord

Wait until you feel his presence.

4. Play worship Music

Music is always a part of a prayer. If you can't sing, play worship music. The anointing will flow.

5. Become totally dependent on the Holy Spirit

Bury you self and depend on Holy Spirit alone.

6. Open yourself to God.

Don't hide anything. Talk to your father freely.

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