Monday, December 12, 2011

Why do People Still Swim in Australia if there's Shark Attacks?


I asked my colleagues on why Australians still swim deep in the ocean when their numerous reports on shark attacks.

Their reply - It wont bite me.

Australians think that the chances of them being bitten by a shark is the same as their chance of being killed in an airplane.

This is a country that has acoustic chark bracelets for swimmers to ward off sharks. But because of their high price, not many people bother to wear one. So most swimmers swim with no defense at all against these giant predators.

I was also told of the following:

- Dont be the first to go into the water.
- Keep away from the water during sunrise and sunset - this is when the chances of you resembling a seal entering into the water is the highest.
- Shark looks for groups of seal swimming together. So never swim with a school of seals of fish, you risk being mistake for one of them

There ladies and gentlement, tips to help avoid being eaten by sharks in Australia.

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