Monday, December 12, 2011

100 Year Wave

In subsea pipeline analysis, engineers design pipeline and subsea and topside structures to withstand extreme wave conditions the ocean throws at it.

For short durations, engineers analyse what is called a 10-year wave. For longer durations, we typically analyze 100 year wave and in cyclonic regions, there's the 10,000 year wave analysis.

This is a platform in the middle of the ocean being hit, last week, with a 100-year wave. Remember that this platform is perched around 10 meters from the ocean surface. And if you look closely, you can see several cabins below the water line.

Unlike the water we use at home, in the ocean, when large groups of water move, they have Inertia. And these inertia's are enough to destroy structures like the one seen in the picture if these structures aren't heavily reinforced.

Never take lightly the forces of Mother Nature.

This is how it feels like to be on the platform in the middle of the ocean when Mother Nature unleashes her fury.


And this is how a huge ocean liner gets rocked about and nearly tips over when confronted with these huge




Ruthie said...

This is a really good one.

Kenneth Gomez said...

Terima Kasih.

But this was just a 100-year storm. We're no designing for 10,000 year storm in cyclonic conditions.

I dont think anyone has even seen a 10,000 year storm.