Saturday, September 03, 2011

How Cheap is AirAsia in Emergencies?

Recently there was an emergency at home which required one of us to travel home on the very next day. As usual, I checked in first with Airasia and was about to confirm the booking (credit card number all keyed in) when my smarter half asked me to check the ticket price on Qantas and MAS. Knowing that these two, full fledged airlines couldnt match a budget airlines, I reluctantly checked the price.

Guess what?

To fly from Perth to KL, AisAsia is asking me around AUD790 while Qantas price was AUD900 (also to KL but via Singapore) while MAS was asking for AUD890 to Penang. Yes, an extra AUD100 when compared to AirAsia to go from Perth to Penang. Hmmm....

Then, this made me think about my Christmas trip back home. I checked AirAsia, MAS and Qantas. Air Asia was offering me (for two people, return) a price of AUD2500, MAS AUD3600 and Qantas AUD2870. Hmmm, for an extra AUD370, I get better service, food and a higher luggage allowance (23 kg's). Not bad at all. The only downside to flying with Qantas is changing planes at Changi whereby we fly SIA to Kuala Lumpur.

So when did Air Asia stop becoming a budget airline?

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