Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Procession Around Como

The Good Friday procession around the Holy Family Church in Como.

The procession was from 9 am to half past 10 this morning, followed by scones and coffee in the church. Reconciliation services were also provided by two priest in the church.

The 14 stations were spread out around the housing estate around the Holy Family Catholic church. Since it was a long weekend holiday, the roads were pretty much deserted. It was a very good turn out.

Even the little ones came for the procession. There were lots of children. It's nice to see the young ones attending mass. But will there still be there 20 years from now?

The procession ended back at the church where Father Aloysious ended the celebration by offering hot scones and coffee to all those who has fasted since morning.

Good Friday mass will be celebrated later at 3 pm today.

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Nice :-)

Hope you're having a good Easter.