Saturday, February 27, 2010

Environmental Saturday - Pizza - Traffic Police

Worked from 10 am to 3pm today because its Environmental Saturday and the roads are closed to traffic from 7-10am.

Project manager bought pizza's for lunch for us. Delicious. Samir, will we get this every Saturday? :)

An interesting incident happened this morning which just goes to show how lowly paid the traffic policemen in this country are, that they blatantly abuse their power. One of our cars were stopped on the road because we were 1-minute too early in being on the road. A traffic policeman tried to force one of my colleagues out of the car and threatened to slash the car tires if he refused to come out. All the traffic policemen wanted was some money. In the end, after some heated arguments between the driver and the policemen, the driver just drove off.

Another classic example of life in Nigeria.

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