Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why Google Is the Future & Why Microsoft is Worried?

Here's a picture of the future.

Everyone will have access to the Internet, anywhere, anytime. With such access, all our documents are created using Google Documents and not Microsoft Office. After all, this is what I am doing now on my own projects. All documents are stored on Google's server and I work on them when I'm at home and at work.

Of course, Microsoft will preach the piracy issue and how insecure Google's servers are. But this doesnt cover the fact that Windows is full of bugs and holes and hackers are able to extract information from your machines as they like. So, what's the difference? The only perception here is that you feel you're safe. Nothing else.

Microsoft ignored the Internet when the Net was born, and it has been racing to catch up ever since. Especially now when computers are becoming cheaper and cheaper. They just cant afford to see everyone using Google.

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