Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taxi-Schumacher, A Fab World and Marion-Drugs

What if you're late for a flight and the taxi driver is taking his own sweet time in driving to the airport? Not all of us can drive fast. But if you're Michael Schumacher, then that's no excuse. Schumi took the wheel of the taxi he was in and zipped to the airport. And the taxi driver was the passenger :)

Read about it here: Taxi-Schumacher

Then we now come to the high tech world of microprocessor fabrication. It's a very expensive business, in a very clean building where people dress up like Playboy bunnies. Ok, maybe not Playboy bunnies, but the suits their in are called Bunny suits. Read about the fascinating high tech world of microprocessing technology.

And lastly, poor Marion Jones. While I don't know whether she knew she was being given performance enhancing drugs, its sad to read about her fall - her medals stripped, all records of her accomplishment erased. How many young athletes like her have been down the same road - you work hard all your life and just month before the big games, you're been told to take some medicine to help you cope with the stress. In that moment, all you have worked for goes down the drain because you will living in fear of being found out.

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