Sunday, July 15, 2007

How to Bring Targeted Traffic to You Site

There are various methods through which targeted website traffic can be driven to a website. Some of them are conventional while others aren't exactly. Some are expensive while others are cheap or even free. In this report, we'll look in depth at what a business entrepreneur needs to drive highly valued traffic to his website.

Please note that all the techniques mentioned in this report has been tested and trusted tactics. The only hindering factor will be you. Your inability to try it out or just pure laziness will deprive you of the necessary success that comes with working hard.

These techniques are by no means easy! They will work but they are dependent on how much effort you put into it to make it work. Forget all the easy tips you've heard of. There isn't much difference between the online and the offline.

You are not dealing with robots online. You are dealing with people who know what they want, have their needs, wants and goals. It's left to you to make the best out of them.

If you apply everything in these write ups, you are bound to start getting at least 200 visitors to your website daily. It may take about 5 hours of work, but you'll get results. Alright enough said! Let's get started...


1. Drive targeted Traffic by leaving comments on high traffic blogs in your niche.

In this case, don't fall into the trap many people fall into –just leaving comments like "Wonderful write-up", "superb advice. Thank you". The reason is people will hardly visit your website or blog if they feel you do not have much to offer. Instead, make your comments contributory.

For instance, if you see a blog where the user pasted high quality information but missed some other things, you could include it in your post. Posts like "the idea of using articles to achieve high ranking is good. But can I chip something in? You could also boost your search engine ranking if you just leave your comments on about 100 high traffic blogs with PR 5+".

That will surely get people to notice what you have to say. Since you included your link either as the heading or at the end of the post, it will make it easier for people to visit your website via clicking through the link you provided.


2. Use the Yahoo! answer portal to generate traffic to your website.

This is easy in that every conceivable question you could think of has been asked somewhere and answers have been provided to it. So, go to and look for possible questions that could be answered by you, your website or your blog.

The key to this simple strategy is providing informational posts. DON'T SPAM. Don't just post comments like "The answer to your question can be found at". This comes across as advertising. Instead offer one or two tips and then go ahead to include the link to your website at the end of the post or include in your profile.

Avoid making it look like an obvious ploy to get them to visit your blog or website. Let's assume someone asks a question on diverticulitis, you could go ahead and answer the question and leave the link at the end of your post. This will result in targeted website traffic because of the fact that you are providing specific answers to problems.


3. Submit your blog to as many high profile blog directories as possible.


This may take a while so be ready to put in at least thirty minutes a day to do this. In the short term, it might look hectic, but pays off in the long term. If your blog is highly ranked on high traffic blog directories, you'll get traffic from the directories and an increased search engine ranking for your websites because of the high quality one-way links coming from your blogs.

To search for relevant blogs in your niche, simply go to your favourite search engine and type in "xyz blog", where "xyz" is your niche market.


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