Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mr. Holland Opus

Last night my wife and I caught an old classic, Mr. Holland Opus on Foxtel HD. Although it was supposed to be shown in HD, I dont think it was. I wanted my wife to watch it since she never had. And we stayed up from midnight to 3.30 in the morning enjoying this beautiful film.

If you havent seen this picture, you should. Mr. Holland Opus was released in 1995. But yet its still one of the better films you'll ever watch. It's around 180 minutes viewing time but its a lovely show.

The story is a video biography of a music teacher for 30 years. What begun as career so that he can have some free time to compose music in the evening became a full time career. Ask any teacher and they will concur. A teacher is on duty 24/7. And thus, his dream of composing music was put on a back burner for 30 years when the school he was teaching in finally decided to can the music department because of budget cuts.

After 30 years of blood, sweat and tears, Mr. Holland Opus reluctantly retires. And while he mulls on his lost dream, he is gently reminded by his students that his dream lives on in everyone one of them. Watch the video below. This is the final scene in the movie when Mr. Holland Opus leaves the school for the last time.

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