Saturday, October 16, 2010

Malaysia Bus Accident on 10.10.10 - A Sea of Blood

A fiend of mine who happened to pass this area said he saw a sea of blood.

The bus accident that happened on October 10, 2010 was another
reminder of how Malaysian bus operators put profit ahead of lives.
Those cheap bus operators wouldnt blink an eye if this scene were to
repeat themselves. Because they also know the Road Transport
department is a limp agency, incapable of punishing the culprits
behind this sad tragedy.

If you're ever in Malaysia and if you value your lives, pay the extra
money and travel on the luxury coaches. Not because of the luxury, but
because these coaches are safe and have yet to suffer such an
accident. While they might cost double or triple the fare of the
cheaper buses, think of the live of your loved ones and yourself. If
their lives are dispensable, then by all means, go for these cheap

These cheap bus operators know that they will always get customers
because of their cheap price, so these types of accidents wont change
their attitude nor behaviour. To them, you're just RM25!


Anonymous said...

my cousin`s father died in this accident.he was 34 that year.i`m 11 this year(2012)and dreamt of him.sirname heng.


Kenneth Gomez said...

Teng, I am sorry for your loss. It was a terrible accident.

Thanks for sharing.


Ex Taylorian said...

I used tho take this bus from Malacca>KL. It is RM.12.20. Luckily I drived to KL on the day and was trapped in the congestion for at least 3hours. I passed by the scene but I didn't managed to stop and help. Two of my friends were inside the accident and they're two of the few survivors. Drive safe peeps. Not only during raya. Look into these pics & always bare in mind.

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