Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Stupid Is Yahoo?

It amazes me how some companies can reply so stupidly. In this case, its Yahoo, the search engine giant who lost its brains when Google came to the scene. Yahoo reminds me of the big, stupid kid on the block who lost out to the small, nerdy kid, Google.

Anyway, recently there were claims that Yahoo's lumbering email service was hijacked by spammers who sent out Viagra emails. While spamming using forged email addresses are common and leaves no trace in your Sent mail box, this time apparently, evidence could be found in your Sent Item folder. Which leads people to believe that somehow, your account was compromised.

But get this. Read this article "Who Hijacked Yahoo Mail" and find out how educated customer support people can utter such stupendous answers when a client asks them questions about their OWN email account.

My God, no wonder Yahoo is going down the drain.

P.S. On another note, dont expect intelligent answers from Google's customer support either. Dont believe me, just try it.

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