Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Lagos Dinner

Tonight we we treated to a sumptuous Japanese dinner by our project manager, Samir Ounnas. We went to the Fusion restaurant at the Lagoon. Here’s the group photo of what’s remaining of the 20+ we had in early September last year. Counter clock wise from the bottom left is the project manager himself, Samir Ounnas, Miguel Sasso, Jason Payne, Alek Lokowizh, Hazem Fayed, Paul Charlton, Tim Whelan, myself, wife and Andrew Dryra.


Samir contemplates a lot in the office. Even now he’s probably thinking deeply about his tea.


Trying to make sense of the menu. Miguel helped make some good choices.



Faces of very hungry people. Jason rarely smiles.


Mr. Whelan has a cool iPod Touch. Never leaves home without it.


Some serious discussion going on. All three are accomplished engineers in their field. Two of them are chartered engineers, while one’s an umbilical expert. No mean feat.


Finally, a smile from Mr. Payne. He’s probably the one guy with the whole Egina project embedded in his head. I can hardly keep track of the flowline data but somehow, he has most of the numbers and data stored in his head. Remarkable.



Nice array of bottle lines up against the wall.


Time to pay the bill. The fastest money counter in the whole of Lagos – brilliant personality.


Lastly, a picture of the lagoon where the restaurant is located.


The team started demobilising early this month. Tomorrow two go home, I leave on Saturday, 5 remain behind for another 2 weeks. Our 10-month TOTAL Egina Deepwater journey comes to an end.

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