Monday, August 27, 2007

Evan Almighty - What I Learned From It.

I am not a movie critic, nor do I watch a lot of movies. The only reason why I watched Evan Almighty was because of my wife. She insisted that I leave the Internet for a couple of hours and head over to the big screen.

The fact that Morgan Freeman was acting made me think it would be a good movie. Was it? It was but I was disappointed that the story line wasn't any deeper.

Would I encourage you to watch it? Not if you have a better film to watch.

What did I take away from the film? One very important concept. When you ask God for something, he doesn't give it to you. Instead, he gives you the opportunity to go and get what you want. If you ask God for a happy marriage, God gives you the opportunities to make the marriage happy. If you ask God for more money, God gives you opportunities to get the money, like small projects from friends and so forth.

God gives, but He gives subtly. We're so blinded by the rat race that we don't see it.

Have you been in the situation where you have some extra cash at the end of the month and then suddenly, the car breaks down or the washing machine dies? What will you think? Will you think, "Why, oh, why must God curse with this especially when I have a little money to spend on my family?". Wouldn't it be better to thank God that the car and washing machine had to break down when you have some money to spare. Think of what would have happened if God allowed the washing machine and car to break down when you had no money - how would you get to work? Wouldn't that cost you more money taking the bus or cab to work? How will your wife wash the clothes? Laundry would be expensive.

When something happens, always ask yourself, "What is God trying to teach me now?" God is using these problems to give us the opportunity to strecth ourselves even further. We only improve our lives when we stretch and move ourselves from our comfort zone.

And be grateful you can read this little not that I had written. That means you have internet access, and a computer to read it from, and eyes to take in the words and hopefully the meaning, and many things more. There's a lot of people who are not as blessed as you and me. Just look at the Middle East, India, China - just imagine the hungry, abandoned women, children and men who will never know the comforts that we have.

One last lesson from God in the film: All goodness starts with ARK, which was what Evan was asked to build.

A = Act
R = Random
K = Kindness

All goodness in the world starts with ARK, one Act of Random Kindness.

What ARK will you be doing today?

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